Monday, November 10, 2008

Show site thickness in 3D View

Hey all got this one a few times... How do I show the 3D site's thickness in a 3D View? We all know that revit creates a 3D surface, but when viewing it in 3D, it only shows a surface edge and not a site thickness.

It is fairly simple though, we working once again with elements in Revit so every element has got some kind of element properties to it, so if its objects you can obviously use the hide and isolate tools.

1. To create the thickness you either create a copy of the 3D view or work in the default 3D view.

2. You then switch on the section box in view properties dialog.

3. You then use the section box grips to cut

slightly into your 3D surface until you see you Topography Cut pattern appears.

4. Next you select the Section Box, right click and select Hide in view.

And there you go Bobs your uncle…. Next you can now place your 3D site on a sheet with the section box hidden to give you a cool presentation of your topography.

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Anonymous said...

Great post...I dont get the Bobs your uncle comment, but I will using this trick in all of my 3d views now.